When history is only half the story…

School history turned out to be a subjective subject. It’s amazing to me that after 15 years of formal education in Western Australia, I still knew almost nothing about two of the greatest tragedies in that State’s history.
It’s really only been in the last few years, as I researched my book ‘The Deep Enders’ that I began to grasp what the 1942 attacks on Darwin, Broome and the Kimberley meant for our entire nation. And it wasn’t until even later that I first discovered the absolute slavery of Broome’s Aboriginal population that occurred until early last century in the pearling industry. It truly was a shocking situation, fully sanctioned by the government and enforced by the police, and every bit as bad as anything we hear about slavery in other nations. And yet I never heard a word – not a whisper – in all my schooling years!
This has to change.
Both of these events form the backdrop of ‘The Deep Enders’ … a new novel set in Broome 1942. Now don’t be scared, it’s not a dry, history piece. I love stories and I love characters, so this book is FULL of action, adventure, Aussie humour and a few thought-provoking moments. I hope you love it! (All the links to buy are below)


When the world burns, all you have is each other. With his home and family torn apart after the attack on Pearl Harbor, 16-year-old Murph Turner is evacuated to a wild town on the Australian coastline. An outsider in a bizarre land, he falls in with Micki, a gorgeous but mysterious girl on the run, and Banjo, a hilarious Aboriginal scamp with pyrotechnic tendencies.

All three are running from their past and, despite his misgivings, Murph finds himself drawn to Micki. But even as war clouds gather on the horizon, they are suddenly catapulted into a deadly conspiracy that could shatter their world and destroy everyone they love.

‘The Deep Enders’ http://amzn.to/1MESExL (worldwide)
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Australia: The Deep Enders – kindle AU
UK: Deep Enders – kindle UK
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Japan ebook: The Deep Enders – kindle Japan
Germany: The Deep Enders – kindle Germany
India: The Deep Enders – kindle India
France: The Deep Enders – kindle France
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Mexico: The Deep Enders – kindle Mexico
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My first novel 'The Deep Enders' released 2016. Available on Amazon and in print.

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